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Wisconsin Election Fiasco Proves New York Was Right
(But Sadly, New York has become Wisconsin)

The recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election and recount have shown once again that in order to be trustworthy, vote counts must be established on election night before the evidence is removed from public view. This is exactly how New York votes were counted until the Election Reform and Modernization Act of 2005 was implemented. Now, our election system, like Wisconsin’s, cannot be trusted to produce election results that accurately reflect the will of the voters.

The public has been told time and time again that we can trust the new optical scan voting machines because if there is any reason to trust the count, paper ballots can be counted to verify the original election results. But when that became necessary in Wisconsin, the secure chain of custody of the paper ballots had been hopelessly compromised, with unsealed and improperly sealed bags being presented for recount in county after county. And the government’s numbers don’t add up.

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Background on the work of the

Election Transparency Coalition
New York’s time-tested, trustworthy and transparent lever voting system has been outlawed by the state’s Election Reform and Modernization Act of 2005 (ERMA). As a result of ERMA, our federally compliant voting system that included mechanical lever machines augmented with ballot marking devices for increased access for voters with special needs was replaced with an electronic vote-counting system that violates the state’s constitutional protections.

ERMA is forcing counties to spend millions every year to use and maintain a software-based system that by its nature is vulnerable to errors and manipulation.

Before this change took effect, concerned citizens, legislators, election officials and groups, NY State counties, cities, and towns joined together across party lines to advocate for continued use of secure, transparent, and cost effective lever voting machines — a system that inspires confidence in its integrity. With the Election Transparency Coalition’s leadership, over 20 counties urged the State to repeal ERMA. The State took no action to repeal.

What Are We Doing About It?

The law must be challenged in court.

The Election Transparency Coalition is currently preparing to take the State to court to have ERMA declared unconstitutional. Hundreds of years of law are on our side. A win could be used by groups in other states to bring similar litigation. Volunteers and funds are needed NOW.

How You Can Help

You can help us gather the resources to mount this crucial constitutional case: Click here to donate. To volunteer, contact us. Volunteers need not be in the state of NY.

Resources Available On This Site Include …

  • Chart comparing unconstitutional computerized vote-counting system to pre-ERMA voting system here.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions. See “Did You Know …?” section in sidebar.
  • Overview of computer scientists’ findings about the vulnerabilities of electronic voting here.
  • Overview of our litigation here
  • Recent updates here.
  • … and more! Look around! And welcome.

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